Framed by Lobster Traps

March 26, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

We in the studio have decided that creating lobster-trap frames is a challenge that we are driven to meet. We spent the day-waking to sleeping-creating product for our Etsy store. We made one frame, printed one picture, and made two 5 x 7 blank notecards. The next day, Lee made a box for our cards, and I made another frame to give as a gift.  I have always had a lot of respect for individuals who run booths at a fair, but spending over 10 hours creating three things has really opened my eyes. Now I feel pretty crummy from all of the times I picked up items, looked at the price tag, and put it back. More respect and cash will be with me going forward.

 Pro-tip: Use canvas for a picture you are displaying in a frame. It just looks better.


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