Three for Thursday Contest

March 19, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

Today in the studio, we are wrapping up our Three for Thursday competition. OP launched our Etsy store, KeyWestPics today, and all of the photography artists went head-to-head in a friendly competition. I entered a strong contender with my custom-framed Pirate Ship at Sundown on canvas.

Lee entered a split-photo wall image, US 1: The Beginning on canvas.  Both were mounted by us using reclaimed wood from the lobster traps we picked up from Islamorada last weekend. 


Pro-tip #1 for the frames: get a miter box.

Pro-tip #2 for US 1: 30-second exposure taken of cars driving by.

I feel that I have a pretty good chance of winning, because Toby, our cat, has promised his vote to me. However, it is up to the rest of our artist community to determine the winner. Unfortunately, our kids are not persuaded by kitty treats. Who will be the winner?  We shall see…




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