Privileged Passageways

March 22, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

As we are wrapping up our Four Corners tour, we at the studio are squeezing in our last treks. Yesterday, we visited Mesa Verde National Park. It almost felt like we were able to connect to a spiritual center as we walked.  We are planning to tour this summer. What a privilege to be able to see the pit houses and communities that are nearly 2000 years old. 

The photography challenge for today was photographing long distances in 65 mph winds. 

Pro-tip: When photographing on windy days, be sure to use both hands to keep the camera steady and avoid blurriness. 

Today we drove to Silverton and Ouray as our staff physician, and daughter worked. We traveled down the Million-Dollar Highway and stopped and took pictures. The waterfalls were mostly frozen and the snow was falling. We stopped at the visitor center in Silverton and wondered how the first person thought to try the San Juan mountains to find out if there was gold. Research for another time, I guess.

Tomorrow we are leaving. Again, that cracked inside feeling starts to creep in. At least it’s warm in Key West.



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