A Visit to the Inn

April 04, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

The entire staff of the studio received a personal tour from innkeeper Mark at the Suite Dreams Inn. One could feel the old island vibe in every careful detail-down to the freshly laundered and comfy-looking bedding. Suite Dreams Inn - Guest House BedroomSuite Dreams Inn - Guest House Bedroom Visitors may be tempted to extend their stays as they enjoy relaxing by the pool, admiring the orchids, lush greenery, and maybe sear up a steak on the grill!   Suite Dreams Inn Garden PoolSuite Dreams Inn Garden Pool

The Hemingway suite has a private pool and courtyard for weddings and parties (be sure to contact the Orion Photogenics staff for pictures).

We also visited Sacred Space Gallery, a gallery that only features women artists to check out our friend’s artwork from Sinking Sun photography. We were completely blown away by the amount of talent that was shared with us. Now that we are creating and selling our own artwork, I recognize how frustrating it is for people to pick up your items and put them back. Because I wanted things that I couldn’t afford, I chose to not make a purchase. I was not thinking about the energy I was taking from the artists.

We also continued to take photos for our All Signs Lead to Key West coffee table book. More on that later.

Pro-tip #1: Use a wide-angle lens to take photos of small spaces

Pro-tip #2: See yourself through the experience of others when taking pictures (or existing in the world). This helps the viewer experience what you are experiencing. It only takes a beat to see from another person’s point of view.




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