Coffee Table Book

April 12, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

We at the studio have been diligently working on completing our coffee table book, All Signs Point to Key West. We have also been drafting plans to purchase retail space.  We have fallen in love with the idea of shared community development and education.  We would like to create a space not only for photography but education and a maker space.  I have also completed my first canvas print to add o my lobster-trap frame. I plan to ask Mark at the Suite Dreams Inn to hang it in one of the suites. I will keep you posted on the success of our missions.  The quote that has kept us motivated is from Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson,  "I cannot recall a single time in my childhood in which I cared about the slights and misperceptions that came my way. What I do remember is, "Hmm. Well, I'll show them."


Pro-Tip: Use Adobe Lightroom to add life to your pictures.


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